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Sugar Spray 


Sugar spray or glazing applications are relatively simple and are a great fit for the VPLS design. Most sugar sprays operate at elevated temperatures so jacketing and temperature controls are essential elements. This spray is most commonly done top only as bottom applications causes big problems with transfers and cleaning on downstream equipment.

As the sugar is sprayed on the base cookie, water flashes off and the sugar begins to dry. This effect will also lead to sugar accumulation on the sprayer belt. GOE systems include a belt wash section that rinses and removes excess water to prevent sugar from damaging the belt and the belt drive. This can be run manually or on a preset timing interval. The rinse water is collected separately and diverted to drain.

Cookies copy.png
Cookies-3 copy.png
Cookies-2 copy.png
bread-sticks-frozen copy.png
crackers-2 copy.png


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