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Mist elimination systems are excellent accessories to improve both the safety and cleanliness of many spraying applications.The RIDemister is used to reduce or eliminate oil particles from the air that may escape and collect on factory floors.The objective of the demisting system is to collect air at the product inlet and discharge openings of the sprayer. The mist is captured with mist collection shrouds and ducted to the RIDemister. The oil laden air is then pushed through baffles where mist particles are removed. The oil then settles to the bottom where it gathers in a drain port and the mist-free air exits the top side of the demister shell.

Infeed Conveyor

In many applications, it is desirable to reduce salt or product debris before it enters the spray zone. An open mesh belt infeed conveyor can provide a critical area to let these particles fall. A reject mechanism such as a retracting noser or a dump gate can be used to drop bad product. . This is an excellent element to consider on high capacity lines and where operator support is minimal. This has high importance when bad product can contaminate or degrade the liquid to be sprayed. GOE offers several standard and custom designs.

Drain Conveyor

If oil absorbs into the crackers or biscuits slowly, a drain conveyor provides additional time to collect excess oil before it is transferred to downstream conveyors. Oil that is collected can often be reused and returned to the sprayer. GOE drain conveyors will use the same belt and drive components as the main sprayer for commonality of spare parts. Drain conveyors may have jacketing, a retracting noser, an oil transfer pump, etc. as common options.

ACS (Assisted Cleaning System)

GOE sprayers can be provided with an internal cleaning system. This addresses in internal piping and most of the internal surfaces. Areas that cannot be cleaned automatically can be accessed with a hand hose or addressed with COP-able components. We can use a hot water rinse and flush scheme or adapt to a plant CIP system.

Inlet Oil Meter

A meter to measure oil at the sprayer provides an essential tool for determining total oil use. GOE can provide a positive displacement meter or a mass flow meter with a sprayer and integrate the oil use calculations on the PLC and HMI.

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