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Butter Slurry 


Spraying a slurry that uses butter, margarine, or various blends with oil is challenging and expensive. We have extensive experience with mixtures that include garlic, cheeses, parsley and other spices or seasonings. We can spray top only or top and bottom and provide coverage to meet the most demanding requirements.

Temperature control is a critical element of this spray system as different mixtures all have different critical temperatures to meet the window where the mixture flows but does not separate. Our equipment is fully jacketed for these applications with temperature control and monitoring. A buffer tank for slurry mixing and as a temperature buffer is highly recommended.

These systems are among the most complex that we build, however the payback in application control and reduced product loss is well worth the investment.

bread-sticks-frozen copy.png
cheezy-garlic-bread-frozen copy.png
BUFFER TANK copy.png
bread-sticks-frozen copy.png
bread-sheen copy.png
crackers-2 copy.png
crackers-0 copy.png
Cookies copy.png


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