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Why Variable Profile Liquid Spray Systems?


Variable Profile Liquid Spray System, or VPLS, uses non-clogging dispersion drums to provide uniform spray coverage without the drawbacks of spinning discs and nozzles. It is designed for continuous duty with spray widths from 8” to 84”. The VPLS system and accessories can handle a wide range of liquids and slurries, oil or water based, for a trouble free product coating.

   Benefits of VPLS

  • Uniform spray distribution

  • Control of particle size

  • Wide application range

  • Multiple product capability

  • Overspray recovery

  • Integral mist elimination

  Features and Options

  • All stainless steel construction

  • BISSC and USDA designs

  • .1% to 30+% application rates

  • Top only, bottom only and top or bottom coverage

  • Integral mist containment

  • Heated or chilled reservoir and equipment compartments

  • Discrete controls or PLC / Panel View

  • Simple and reliable operation

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