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Oil Spray Systems

GOE's oil sprayer is designed as modular system to provide the features and the functionality required by the customer’s application. From simple to full-featured, the VPLS system will provide the flexibility and the performance you require, but the options can also be tailored to meet budget and application requirements. The spray mechanism, which provides the wide range of capabilities, is the same for economy and for premium units. Sizes range from pilot plant scale to 96” (2500 mm) belt width.

Simple spray systems will apply oil top only or top & bottom with manual cleaning. Control for the belt, the feed pumps and the dispersion drums is done with variable-frequency drives that have HMIs mounted on the control panel door.

We include mist collection shrouds at the inlet and discharge ends and the type of mist eliminator can be determined by the application. For difficult and demanding applications, we have developed the RIDemister that we manufacture. It was originally designed for low and non-transfat applications where traditional methods failed. Due to the robust, all stainless steel construction, it has become the premium choice and requires no replaceable elements for oil separation.

Product transfer is one of the most important equipment considerations. We can provide several options from solid shaft nosers to small segments nosers for tight transfers on small products. All nosers styles are full shrouded to prevent oil losses due to dripping and the shrouds are removable for inspection and cleaning.

Sprayer options on the modular sprayer include:

  • Dimple-jacketed reservoir (heating or cooling with external utility)

  • Jacketed drain surfaces

  • Temperature control valves for jackets

  • PLC and HMI controls (Allen-Bradley or Siemens)

  • Assisted Cleaning System (ACS)

  • Oil removal pump

  • CIP return or ACS pump to waste

  • Fire suppression systems

As part of an integrated solution, several accessories can be included. These will vary by location, application requirements, available space, and budget.

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